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Joe Anthony Studios

Joe’s students learn to see acting as a chance to communicate rather than perform.  They learn to cultivate different points of view based on what is given to them by a writer.  They realize that the part is theirs from the moment the opportunity to play exists.  As a result, the need for “audition skills” separate from how they work once they’ve booked a part is eliminated entirely. From the moment the opportunity to play a part appears through the final day of shooting, Joe’s students imaginatively create the world of the story in a way that truly resonates for them as an individual. This strong foundation allows them to go into any professional situation (a casting office, in rehearsal, on the set) with a sense of play and wonder instead of dread or fear. In this state of mind they are free and able to live authentically and express truthfully from “action to cut”.

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Quality of Teaching
Value for Money
Overall Quality